Change and reflections in Winter

Well, it seems my winter has taken a lot longer than the calendar would indicate for the changes and reflection that have taken place for me since my last blog entry.

Many changes have transpired in my life, in the lives of those close to me as well as the lives of clients. Some of those changes have been life affirming and some have involved significant loss through unexpected death.

All of those changes leave me with a strong conviction that we never know when our number might be up and it matters to make every day count. Some people have the idea that making every day count means being busy and crossing off every entry on an ongoing to-do list. For me, making every day count means tuning in to myself and assessing what the count might mean for that particular day.

Some days might be filled with appointments which means I need to be on the ball and well organized to meet both the client’s needs and my own for adequate rest and nourishment. Other days may be days at home where I could busy myself with chores or admin stuff, pull out weeds in the garden, or head for the beach with the grand-babies.

Gazing at the bright blue yonder.

Gazing into the bright blue yonder.

Sometimes, just doing nothing is what the body and mind needs for making the best of the day. Life can become a bit hectic and overwhelming and when it does, making the most of the day might be just sitting on the couch or out in the sun and dozing. Vitamin D from natural sunlight is one of THE best pick-me-ups that costs nothing and is only dependent on the weather and your capacity to take time out to enjoy!

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