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It is difficult to ignore the increasing information being presented through scientific research about the brain and the mind. How our brain works and which part is responsible for different functions, is being reported on a daily basis. “Neuroplasticity” seems to be the new buzz word around scientific and therapeutic circles and Bruce Lipton PhD, stem cell biologist (best selling author of Biology of Belief), is busy spreading the word on the extraordinary power of our subconscious mind comparative to the measly 5% influence of our conscious mind.

Cells carry memories of our beliefs and can be reprogrammed.

Cells carry memories of our beliefs and can be reprogrammed.

Bruce Lipton’s research and information about how cells work and how the mind works, in addition to using techniques such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic-Programing with my clients, has led me to experiment with affirmations recorded with theta brain wave frequencies and a non-intrusive sound track.

So, if you were my client and wanted to change some aspect of your life, we would explore what beliefs you may be harboring in your subconscious that were sabotaging your conscious desires to change. And according to Bruce Lipton the subconscious is one million times more powerful than conscious will power – so there needs to be some heavy duty mechanism available to change long-held, firmly entrenched self limiting beliefs.

So in addition to techniques outlined above, I record a set of positive affirmations based on your own desires for change and give you your own unique set of affirmations to listen to on a daily basis through headphones while in a relaxed state. There is tons of research that shows that affirmations on their own do NOT work! This is because of the power differential of the subconscious saboteurs and conscious desires. I’ve already mentioned which side will win!

So the only way to win is to  access the subconscious mind and make changes where the limiting beliefs originated before the tender age of seven years. The language of the affirmations needs to be simple – keeping in mind that the original beliefs were formed when language skills were that of an infant.

The recorded affirmations need to be heard in a brain state that bypasses conscious objections and ridicule. This is why the theta brainwave is important. This is the brainwave state in which a pre-seven-year-old mostly experiences life and what survival mechanisms will ensure survival in their family. This is  mighty important stuff for the survival in the family of origin. However it rarely, if ever works in adult intimate relationships.

I found a podcast today where Bruce Lipton offers seven ways to reprogram the subconscious mind. I hope you find it interesting!

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