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Marriage Statistics

Divorce Statistics

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics – Marriages and Divorces

Divorce in Mosman

Split city: Divorcees by postcode Relationships - Life & Style Home,, July 19 2008

"Mosman is the divorce capital of Sydney, and it is mostly women who are keeping the family home. Erik Jensen reports.

BLUES POINT TOWER is an ex-husband hotspot. Satellite to the divorce capital of Sydney - Mosman - the concrete shaft draws them in with furnished apartments, three-month leases and proximity to the family home.

Fresh analysis of the 2006 census for the Herald shows there are more than 1200 divorcees in Mosman, with lone women outnumbering men two to one. Blacktown is next on Sydney's list of most divorcees, though there the breakdown between men and women levels out. In Mosman, 7.8 per cent of dwellings are home to single divorcees, in the Blacktown the figure is 5.1 per cent."

The Science of Heartbreak

The science of heartbreak.

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Impact of Divorce lasts for Decades

The emotional and social impacts of divorce are felt for decades after a marriage breaks down, leaving a generation of older Australians vulnerable to loneliness and poor health.

A new study into the wellbeing of Australians aged between 55 and 74 - the first generation to experience divorce at high rates - found divorcees felt more socially isolated and less satisfied with life compared with married men and women.

Remarrying seems to allay the negative impacts of divorce, with people who married again reporting similar levels of social support, life satisfaction and health as those who were married to their first spouse.

The research, led by Professor David de Vaus of La Trobe University in Melbourne, follows a study that showed divorce had negative impacts on the financial situation of divorcees decades later.

Impact of divorce lasts for decades - Sherill Nixon, Relationships - Life & Style Home,, July 10 2008

Ensure Your Marriage from becoming another statistic!

Prevention is better than the lawyer's office! An investment in a series of counselling sessions can give your marriage a new lease of life and save a significant amount of trauma and grief for the whole family.

Parental divorce or death can affect a child in a number of ways. In the short term, there is the initial trauma of the loss and adjusting to life without the parent. For those who find themselves in a one-parent family, the adjustment is often accompanied by greater risk of economic disadvantage either through the loss of the main income earner, or the reduced labour force participation of the remaining parent as they assume the sole caring role. There are concerns that the difficulties associated with family breakdown or the loss of a parent and the ensuing challenges of living in a sole parent family could lead to lower levels of educational and later occupational attainment by children who grow up in sole parent families.

Australian Bureau of Statistics, September 2012

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