Marriage and relationship counselling is available in Crows Nest, Lower North Shore Sydney, Upper North Shore, Central Coast and online to reconnect with love in your relationship.

Marriage and Relationship Counselling for Couples and Individuals

Located at Erina Central Coast, Sydney North Shore, and Online

15-Minute complimentary introduction phone call is offered for new clients. Call 0418 226 961.

About the Counselling Process

Christine Bennett offers professional counselling services to help individuals and couples navigate the complexities of relationships. Christine specializes in marriage counselling, relationship counselling, couples counselling, affair recovery, guidance through the separation process, and sexual intimacy issues.

Marriage counselling is designed to help couples who are facing challenges in their relationship. It can help you improve communication, resolve conflicts, and strengthen your connection with each other. Evidence-based techniques help to identify and address the underlying issues that may be causing disconnection with each other in your marriage.

Relationship counselling is a therapeuic process that helps individuals and couples improve communication, build trust, and deepen emotional connection. You will learn to identify the patterns of behaviour that are causing problems in your relationship and develop strategies to overcome them.

Registered Clinical Counsellor

Couples counselling also helps couples improve their relationship by addressing the issues that are causing conflict. You will learn how to develop effective communication skills, work through conflicts, and build a stronger emotional connection.

Counselling for affair recovery helps couples who have experienced infidelity in their relationship. A safe and supportive environment is provided for you to work through the emotional pain and trauma of infidelity and rebuild trust and intimacy.

Counselling through the process of separation helps individuals and couples navigate the difficult process of ending a relationship. Support and guidance are provided to assist you to manage your emotions, communicate effectively, and make decisions that are in your best interests and the best interests of your children.

Counselling for improving sexual intimacy helps you identify the underlying issues that are causing problems in your sexual relationship and develop strategies to overcome them.

Significant issues that couples are likely to face are: